"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (John Lennon)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

When a photo talks: etwinning project of class II H

Students of class II H of the school "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" in Terni are involved in an etwinning project called "When a photo talks" together with students from other European countries.
Here are all the schools taking part in the project.

The activities focus on developing the main key competences for lifelong learning as follows:

- Communication (writing and speaking skills) in English and mother Language.
- Digital Competences (the use of ICT tools in the classroom).
- Learning to Learn.
- Social Competences.
- Raise of Awareness of European and Global Citizenship.
- Respect for Diversity (culture, people).
- Cooperation, working together on the same goal -> Protection and Appreciation of Life, Culture, Environment, Tradition.
- Develop of Creative Thinking and Artistic Expression.
- Increase students’ Knowledge about Past, Present and Future.
- New ways of Learning, via Photography.

This project also wants to raise awareness on the importance of each country cultural treasure in the European year of Cultural Heritage. 

Students introduced themselves using a post in a padlet which is an online billboard, then they worked in groups in class and described their school, their town and their Christmas tradition using "talking photos". To create the photos they first took photos then used an app called  PicTalk to add the baloons. 

The students had the chance to collaborate in small groups all of them gave their contribution to the work. 

Here are the results

Our town

Students also created a quiz on their presentation for the students of the other schools. 

Our school

Our Christmas traditions

In the following weeks students will be involved in other collaborative activities and will keep on working on photos. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

LEFT: Learn English with Fine Tunes - eTwinning project 17/18

Students of class II G of the school "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" in Terni are working at a new etwinning project this year. 
In this project they will work on songs and will create language activities together with their friends from France and Portugal. 
The main aims are: 
use English as a means of communication among teenagers; 
develop the competence in communicating in a foreign language; 
develop the digital competence with the ICT tools and apps; 
create language activities; 
know more about music styles and genres;
learn to work collaboratively;
know more about other cultures in Europe; 
realize we are part of the EU;
broaden cultural horizon; 
making European friends.

This is the map of our project

After having introduced themselves in a padlet (an online billboard), the students started listening to songs and created activities on them as in the examples below.

Galway girl by Ed Sheeran

Language activities by Italian students

French students worked on the song "My name is Luka" by Suzane Vega and here are their activities.

So all the students of the partner schools will do the activities they prepared for each other.
They will also discuss about their favourite songs and singers, choose and listen to other songs and create more language activities together.

Stay tuned to know more!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Teenagers in Europe: an involving etwinning project in class IG.

Students of class I G of the school "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" in Terni are carrying on with their etwinning project called "Teenagers in Europe".
After celebrating the European day of Languages in September they have started to introduce each other in the TwinSpace of the project and got to know their Finnish peers.
They talked about their hobbies and pets using padlets as in the example below.

Creato con Padlet

Finnish students created surveys Italian students filled in and Italian pupils did the same so they came to know each other tastes better, in fact they talked about themselves, their possessions, their pets and hobbies, their reading habits and so on.

Here are the Finnish surveys:


Here is the Italian survey created by all the students during an English lesson using google forms:

To strengthen the link among them, they also exchanged messages in etwinning and wrote letters in the old way using paper and pen and of course received letters from Finland too as you can see in the video below. They loved this activities and all of them took part in it with enthusiasm.

Before Christmas they created and sent Christmas cards as well and Italian students prepared a surprise for their Finnish friends: a song in Finnish!

Cards from Finland arrived during Christmas holidays and when students get back to school next week will find a very nice surprise!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The magic crew: etwinning project 2017/2018

Students of class I H of the school "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" in Terni are taking part in a new etwinning project called "The magic crew".
In this project they will:

- develop their collaborative skills,
- develop their ability to show tolerance, express and understand different viewpoints;
- learn to value diversity and respect others;
- develop their ICT competence through the use of some ICT tools they will use thruoghout the project;
- get to know other cultures and countries;
- become aware that English as a second language can be a way to communicate, meet and learn in real situations.
- increase their creative skills and critical thinking

- make international friends.

This is the map of our project where you can see the countries of the schools we are working with.

Here are some of the activities we have already carried out:

1. Introduce ourselves

Students created "vokis" (avatars) and collages and the students from the partner schools have to match them as a game.

Creato con Padlet

2. Christmas cards and songs

Pupils created and sent Christmas cards via traditional mail and received cards from the other schools and also sang Christmas songs both in English and in Italian.

3. Mystery Skype

In this activity pupils used Skype and had a videoconference in which they had to discover the country of the students from the other side of the screen asking questions such as:

 DO YOU BORDER  (name of a country)?

Once they had discovered the country their friends came from they went on talking to each other and asking general questions such as:

- What's your favourite colour?
- Who's your favourite singer? 
- What time do you start school?
- What are your favourite subjects?

and so on. 

Students are enjoying this experience a lot and they all take part in it with enthusiasm and positive attitude. More activities to come in the new year!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Card trees!

Classes I G and I H of the school "L. Da Vinci . O. Nucula" in Terni celebrated the European Day of Languages within two etwinning projects as explained in this post some weeks ago.

To display the cards we got from the other European countries we decided not to create a cardboard poster but we wanted to be more creative and ... here are our "Card trees"

Talking about Pride and Prejudice and Jane Asuten

3rd year students studied the characteristics of the the Romanticism and of the novel at that time. They also studied the novel of manners and read some pages of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Some days ago they watched the movie too and now it's the turn of English! As Jane Austen was English and her novels are very popular around the world still nowadays here is a padlet with some activities for my students. They can cary out the tasks I prepared for them and also add some info writing a post on their own.
So ... let's enjoy Jane Austen and her works!

Creato con Padlet

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Happy European Day Of Languages 2017!

The school year has started again and we are already involved in etwinning projects!
To start with we have two projects in which we celebrate the European Day of languages.

Students of class I G of "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" school are involved in an etwinning project called "Teenagers in Europe" and they will work with students from Finland.

Here is a map of the project.

Students will:
- improve their English
- use English to communicate with their peers
- work in teams
- improve their technical skills
- get to know other EU countries and cultures
- broaden their horizons through realizing we are part of a bigger community: the UE.

To start with they wrote postcards using both English and Italian to celebrate the European Day of Languages

and they received cards from their Finnish friends from Karstula.

This project will last until the end of the school year and we will post more in the following weeks.

Students of class I H are involved in another etwinning project called "Let's promote diversity - the European Day of Languages" and they will work with students from a lot of countries in Europe.

Here is a map with all the schools.

Students will:
- use English to communicate with their peers
- be aware of the Europe’s rich linguistic diversity
- listen to the sounds of the alphabet of other European languages
- learn about other European countries in a fun way. 

Here are the postcards they wrote

Here are the cards from the other countries, we will get some more in a few days. 

This will be a short project and will soon be finished. Students of this class will join another etwinning project next month.